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Ultra Tesla Seat

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Ultra Tesla Seat

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Target Area

Pelvic Floor


28 Mins x 6 Sessions

Recovery time




Treatment for Incontinence or Erectile Dysfunction

Get yourself acquainted with Ultra Tesla Seat, a groundbreaking non-invasive therapy designed to improve the health of the pelvis by means of High-Intensity Electromagnetic Technology (HI-EMT) which is also regarded as second generation pelvic floor strengthening. This implies that whether you have urinary leaks, problems getting erections or just want stronger muscles in your pelvis; this device will work wonders for both men and women alike.


Advantages for Women

  • Treatment of Urinary Incontinence: take charge again and feel self-assured thanks to considerable decrease in urine leakage.
  • Better Strengthening Of Pelvic Floors: these exercises help women strengthen their urogenital system organs thus reducing chances of having them bulge out through vagina walls called prolapse.
  • Enhanced Sexual Functioning: heightened sexual sensitivity brought about by strong pelvic muscle contractions during orgasm among other things may lead to increased pleasure levels.
  • Postnatal Recovery: mothers should use this opportunity carefully after giving birth so that they can get back into shape quickly without affecting any internal organs etcetera.


Benefits for Men

  • Urine Leakage Control: With our seat guys won’t need to worry much about those annoying little accidents anymore since they will be able manage them effectively.
  • Strong Muscles In The Pelvic Floor Area: Good control over muscle tone helps maintain general well-being around one’s lower abdomen region too including bladder control among others.
  • Relief from Impotence due to weak muscles in certain areas such as penis base where blood vessels are constricted hence preventing normal erection process from taking place at all times leading also decreased sensitivity during sexual intercourse thus causing dissatisfaction on part of both partners involved etcetera.
  • Prostate Health Support via more powerful contractions around these regions could lead us realise better prostate gland function thereby keeping it healthier if compared against cases when there is no exercise done whatsoever.


How the Ultra Tesla Seat Works

HI-EMT technology employed by Ultra Tesla Seat induces supramaximal muscle contractions which are beyond voluntary contraction levels. In just 28 minutes of standard session, it causes the motor neurons in pelvic floor muscles to be stimulated thereby enhancing control over them and promoting continence through development of new motor pattern for better coordination.


Why Choose Our Ultra Tesla Seat Service?

Scientifically Tested: There have been many research studies conducted as well clinical trials performed too so that this product can be said to work reliably and effectively on all people who might need it.

No Surgery Involved: Unlike other treatment methods available today; there won’t be any need for surgery when using our seat since one only needs sit down comfortably without having anything inserted into body parts unnecessarily.

Fast & Easy: It takes only 28 minutes per session and most clients start experiencing noticeable changes within six treatments hence making it quicker than many alternatives currently being offered elsewhere.

Comfortable: This therapy doesn’t cause pain at all plus there is no downtime required meaning a person can go back immediately after having undergone the procedure.


The Science Behind Ultra Tesla Seat

Ultra Tesla Seat relies on HI-EMT, which is short for High-Intensity Electromagnetic Technology. This form of advanced treatment applies electromagnetic fields to stimulate deep muscle contractions that cannot be achieved through voluntary means alone thus strengthening and rehabilitating the pelvic floor muscles among others; therefore making it ideal for those seeking non-invasive yet effective solutions to their health problems relating to these areas.


Who Can Use The Ultra Tesla Seat?

Anyone can use the ultra tesla seat. Here are some reasons why:

Women who suffer from pelvic floor issues due to giving birth or old age.

Men with weak pelvic floors leading to urinary incontinence and erectile dysfunction problems.

People looking after their bodies so as not experience any complications around such spaces later on in life.

Postpartum ladies keen on quickening recovery process while regaining muscle strength in general areas such as abdomen etcetera.


Common Questions

Does it hurt? No, there is no pain experienced during ultra tesla seat sessions. However, one may feel intense but comfortable contractions of muscles at different points throughout the session.

How many times should I come? Each person’s response varies but on average most people notice significant changes after six treatments .

Will I be able to carry on with my usual activities once im done with the treatment? Yes! There’s absolutely no downtime required following this therapy so you can go back to work or whatever else immediately afterwards.

Who should avoid using Ultra Tesla Seat? Those individuals who have metal implants, pacemakers and similar devices or any other contraindication for use of electromagnetic therapies must not use Ultra Tesla Seat. You will need consultation from our experts to ascertain your suitability.