Thin Lips Explained

Let’s start with the causes why our lips might be a little thin. As you grow older, your lips may get more delicate, which is something you can’t prevent. Our skin is rich in plumping proteins like collagen and elastin, but as we age, our bodies’ synthesis of these proteins declines, leaving our lips devoid of the natural components that keep them appearing full.

Why are my lips getting thinner?

Lips may also thin with time due to lifestyle or external conditions. If the lips and skin surrounding your mouth is dry due to cold weather, an inadequate skin regimen, or lifestyle choices such as smoking, they might seem thin, tired, or aged. Smoking may cause deep creases around the mouth, making the mouth seem narrower as your lips curve inwards, making your mouth appear older than it has to be.

Thin lips are normal, and they aren’t a problem for many individuals. However, as the trend of having fuller, more voluptuous lips grows in popularity, more customers are seeking to enhance their thinning, smaller lips by having lip filler to produce natural-looking, plump lips that are greater in size.


What Thin Lip treatments are available?

Our genes also determine our lips’ size and shape. It’s more probable that you’ll have thinner, smaller lips if your family does. However, you should know that non-surgical lip augmentation may help you adjust your lips. When you have the appropriate practitioner, injecting Dermal Filler to modify the size or contour of your lips may be done swiftly and successfully. More information on how to counteract thin lips may be found on our Lip Filler treatment page.


We can help!

Though thin lips aren’t a significant health issue, they could make you seem older or less youthful. It isn’t something you’ll have to contend with on your alone! Treatments are available from Flawless Professional Aesthetics to keep the condition under control. Book in today for your free consultation, we will be happy to guide you through your options.