By booking with Flawless Professional Aesthetics you are agreeing to the following:


For every treatment you will be required to complete a medical consent and treatment consent form
This informed consent form is to provide written information regarding the risks, benefits and alternatives of the procedure you are about to undertake.

This material serves as a supplement to the discussion you have with your doctor/healthcare/medical provider. It is important that you fully understand this information, so please read this document thoroughly. If you have any questions regarding the procedure, ask your doctor/healthcare professional prior to signing the consent form.


Right to discontinue treatment

• I understand that I have the right to discontinue treatment at any time & I understand payment will still have to be made in full.
• Should you at any time become unhappy with the service you have received you will be required to visit your technician at the next available appointment for treatment review. If you are unable to return to your technician at the earliest available appointment offered, no resolution can be found and therefore the complaint will be closed.
• Please be aware of the risk that we cannot make any guarantee of the effectiveness of your treatment. In some circumstances the treatment may not work, results may vary, and it is possible for pigment/injectables to migrate in the skin. No refunds are offered.
• If you arrive up to 15 minutes late, cancel or don’t show to an appointment. your appointment will not go ahead, your deposit is non refundable and non transferable. Should you wish to arrange a new appointment, a new deposit of £30 will be required.


All treatments provided are ‘elective’ procedures and payment is your (the clients) responsibility and is expected at the time of treatment.
Scheduled appointments require 48 hours’ notice for cancellation or rescheduling. A £30 deposit is required to secure any individual appointment. This is non refundable. If you wish to move an appointment, to rebook you will need to pay an additional £30 deposit, rest assured the full £60 deposit then paid will come off your total balance. Should you need to cancel on a second occasion the full £60 would therefore be non refundable/transferable. You can only move an appointment once. The new booking must be secured within 30 days of your appointment, thereafter the initial deposit will be forfeited.
• Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable under all circumstances. You waive your rights to any cooling off period with making a deposit payment, the provision of an appointment means your service has started. Once your treatment has been completed under no circumstances are refunds made.
• Payment for your treatment is to be made on completion at the end of the treatment. Failure to provide a suitable means of payment will result in court prosecution.


Publicity Materials

I authorise the taking of clinical photographs and videos. I understand that photographs and video may be taken of me for educational and marketing purposes. I hold the practitioner harmless for any liability resulting from this production. I waive my rights to any royalties, fees and to inspect the finished production as well as advertising materials in conjunction with these photographs.

You have the right to decline photographs & videos during your consultation – please ask your practitioner.