During your Treatment

Whichever treatment you are scheduled for, this procedure is the same.


Meeting 1: The Consultation & Patch Test

We will discuss the treatment, your expectations and your needs. This will ensure I am the right artist for you and can give you the completed result you desire. During your consultation, we will discuss your medical status and history in detail. You must disclose all medical information for consideration as it may impact your treatment outcome.

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, or have diabetes, cancer, epilepsy, high/low blood pressure. You must make me aware if you are undergoing any medical treatment or having any health conditions. (This list is not conclusive.)

We will look at the treatment area and chat through the options available to you. You have the opportunity to ask questions and decide if you wish to proceed.

Sensitivity Patch Test Procedure
I will carry out a patch test using both anaesthetic and pigment. Firstly, a small amount of numbing cream will be applied, then a lancet will be used to scratch the skin in the hairline, the pigment will be applied to the skin. You must leave this area for 24 hours before removing/washing.

What happens next?
If you experience any kind of reaction, you must inform us immediately and, as required, seek medical advice.

Reaction: An allergic reaction can occur from any anaesthetic or pigment and product used during your treatment.. It is vital that if you do experience an allergic reaction, you should contact your doctor immediately and notify your therapist. Allergic reactions can include the following symptoms: redness, itching, swelling, a rash, blistering, dryness or any other symptoms associated with an allergy. When you have arrive for your treatment, I will ask if you had any issues/reactions to your patch test. You must disclose any problems from your patch test to avoid any issues during the procedure.


Meeting 2: The day of the treatment

We will begin by cleaning the skin by using makeup remover and cleanser. Once the skin has been thoroughly cleaned, we can move onto the next step in the procedure.

Template: – we work together to discuss the the shape and style of the treatment ,you have, and I will draw the outline for you to verify and agree to.

Numbing: Once you have confirmed you are happy with the guide drawn, I will apply numbing cream to the area. Whilst this is working, we will take a look at the colours.

Colour choice: We will work together to look through the colour range and personalise it to your skin type and tone.

Treatment Time: Once numb, We will proceed with the treatment.

Finish: I will talk you through the aftercare procedure you need to follow at home to care for your new makeup. I will give you a free aftercare kit!


Meeting 3: The 6 Week Retouch

I invite every client to come back 6 weeks post-treatment for a retouch. This treatment is vital to perfect the treated area’s shape and colour.