Treatment Aftercare

Looking after your new makeup is incredibly important. Proper daily care following your procedure is imperative to achieve the best results. Immediately after your treatment, you may experience the following: flaking, tenderness, dryness, itchiness, swelling or redness on or around the treatment area.


Care Information for all Treatments

Treatment Day: After your treatment is complete, if necessary, every 30 – 60 minutes, use a clean tissue to blot away any fluids from the treatment area. It is vital to avoid alcohol &anti-inflammatory medication, For example, Ibuprofen.

Day 2 – 14: Every morning and every evening, with clean hands and mild hand soap when washing your hands, blot the treatment area with a damp cotton pad or tissue, pat dry with a sanitary cotton pad or tissue. Then apply a tiny amount of the aftercare balm (provided by your therapist) with a clean cotton bud. Less is more.

  • It is recommended you use a gentle facial cleanser to clean the face during the healing period, avoiding the brow area.
  • Keep hair away from the treated site to prevent any infection.
  • Some itching is normal. Do not pick, peel or scratch the treatment area, or the colour may heal unevenly and you risk scarring and infection. Allow the wound to flake on its own.
  • No makeup should be applied to the face for 72 hours after the procedure.
  • No makeup on the treated area or the surrounding area is applied for 3 weeks.
  • Do not expose the healing skin to direct sun, tanning beds, Jacuzzis, saunas, saltwater, chlorinated pools, direct shower spray, hot water, skin creams or ointments. Other than what you have been instructed to use by your technician.
  • If the area gets wet, gently pat dry using a clean tissue.
  • Do not allow any products to come into contact with the treated area & surrounding area for 3 weeks.


Additional care information for Lip Enhancements:

You must ensure you keep your lips clean and lubricated. Never allow them to be dry. Continue to apply your balm throughout the healing. You will experience dry / chapped lips. The pigment will appear to go dark after the treatment, and then it will fade. At 4-6 weeks, your lips should be fully healed to reveal the final colour result. I recommend you purchase cold sore cream/balm and begin usage 1 day before treatment. If you suffer from cold sores, it may be more likely you have an outbreak following this treatment. Even if you don’t, my advice remains the same to act as a preventative against cold sores.


Additional care information for eye enhancements:

I recommend you purchase eye drops as your eyes may experience dryness and itchiness. This will help with the healing process. Avoid products with retinol. Remember, your selected colour will be stronger and more sharply defined for 10 to 14 days after application, but the colour will soften and lighten as the healing process occurs. The approximate healing period is 14 days; however, healing can be prolonged if your immune system is compromised if you are generally stressed and by poor diet. Keep in mind that some unevenness of colour is expected in some cases. This is the purpose of the re-touch visit to fine-tune your enhancement.

Long Term Care

  • Use a good sun cream. Sun exposure will fade your permanent cosmetics.
  • If you plan on having a chemical peel, MRI scan or other medical procedure, please inform your doctor of your permanent cosmetics.
  • Please inform the National Blood Service if you donate blood, as you may not be eligible to give blood for a year post-procedure
  • Microblading & Micropigmentation may last anywhere between 1-3 years. They are semi-permanent treatments; you must attend your 6-week re-touch appointment & have an annual re-touch to get the best results for your enhancement.

Failure to follow the recommended aftercare as laid out above may result in the pigment being rejected and the treatment failing.


Therapist Disclosure

Your therapist can not guarantee the treatment will work or that the end result will be even. In some instances, the pigment may not take effect. This can be for several reasons, such as medications, hormones, skin type (for example, oily or thick skin), skincare routine, lifestyle. This is a risk to the treatment, and no refunds will be made due to the treatment not giving the required results.