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Skin Boosting Therapy

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Skin Boosting Therapy

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What are Skin Boosters?

Skin boosters are injectable therapies that aim to hydrate the skin at a deeper level than is possible with topical treatments. Injections for skin quality are another term for them since they work to enhance the skin’s natural glow.

Hyaluronic Acid, a gel-like compound, is used in skin-booster injections (HA). Moisture-binding keratin is a naturally occurring component in the skin. However, as we get older, our skin’s ability to retain moisture decreases, resulting in wrinkles and a drier texture.

Non-surgical therapies like skin boosters don’t offer the same dramatic outcomes as the more well-known procedures. Skin can be plumped up with Botox injections, however, neither the features nor muscular activity is frozen by skin-boosting therapy. Although they won’t be able to achieve the same dramatic effects as dermal fillers, they can provide a more modest amount of volume to the skin by lightly plumping.

The skin’s elasticity, firmness, and brightness are improved with microinjections of intensely moisturising hyaluronic acid. The injections can go far deeper and persist much longer than using moisturiser.

In the past several years, this therapy method, which is still relatively new, has grown in popularity dramatically. It’s ideal for those who wish to maintain a youthful appearance while undergoing anti-ageing treatment.

What are the benefits of Skin Boosters?

Skin boosters increase the firmness, elasticity, and glow of the skin in a delicate and gradual manner that is also natural yet noticeably rejuvenating. The tiny injections trigger the fibroblasts to generate more of the body’s natural occurring Hyaluronic Acid levels, Collagen, and Elastin, which implies that the therapy has long-term advantages.

The Skin Booster treatment has the following advantages:

  • Improving skin moisture
  • Skin blemishes can be improved.
  • Acne scarring is reduced in appearance.
  • Enhancing the Skin’s Texture (texture, elasticity, and firmness)
  • Reduces fine wrinkles

Patients report a more fresh and tighter look to their skin, as well as a greater ‘radiance’ as an outcome. The skin booster treatment is very effective in enhancing the outcomes of previous therapies.


How long do Skin Boosters last?

About six to twelve months is the normal lifespan of a skin booster. We propose two six-week sessions for your first treatment, followed by annual maintenance treatments.

The characteristics of the therapy are unique to each individual. We can assist with individual treatment plans suited to your specific skin requirements and aesthetic objectives.


Is Skin Boosting Therapy Painful?

It’s very natural to have some discomfort at first. After a treatment, you can have some redness, irritation, discomfort, or bruising. An anaesthetic solution is used to make you more comfortable.

Skin Boosting Therapy Reviews

I will be recommending to all my friends

Rated 5.0 out of 5
November 30, 2021

My skin is so much better, it feels very smooth and looks much firmer. I will be recommending this treatment to all my friends. The treatment didn’t take very long at all. I had concerns but Kirsty was very professional and put my mind totally at ease.

Pauline Green